Aero Precision SOLUS Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor 22″ Barrel Black


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The Aero Precision Solus works to provide hunters, competitors, and shooting enthusiasts with a custom shooting experience. The Solus line was designed and built around the core belief that equipment should not be the marksman’s limiting factor under any use case. This core principle is what drives the Solus to perform downrange across a number of different applications.

The Solus lineup gives the shooter flexibility to start their journey—whether that be a custom-tailored turnkey system, barreled action, or standalone action. This offering allows the end user to enjoy a premium bolt action experience as they see fit. The Solus exists as the keystone in an open-source ecosystem. Compatibility with many industry-standard parts and componentry allows the shooter to custom build their system without the traditional barriers to entry commonly associated with custom bolt actions.

The heart of the Solus product line is the Solus Short Action. This product serves as the keystone in an ecosystem that provides shooters with an open-source, user-configurable, and quality-manufactured foundation for their precision bolt action build. Compatible with industry standard pre-fit and drop-in components the Solus removes many barriers to entry often associated with custom rifle builds, allowing the shooter to build a system that is specific to their needs. When manufacturing a custom bolt action, quality and consistency are essential. To ensure the most precise tolerances are being held each Solus Action gets inspected by CMM (coordinate measuring machine) in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


  • Remington 700 Short Action Footprint
  • Integral 20 MOA biased top rail
  • Integral recoil lug
  • Magnum-sized ejection port
  • Sized to feed and eject cartridges with up to 3.00″ OAL
  • Compatible with AICS and AIAW detachable box magazines
  • Trigger installed via hanger
  • 60-degree bolt throw
  • 3-lug interchangeable bolt head
  • Dual ejectors
  • “Cock on lift” bolt design


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