Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Universal with Light 5mW Green Laser Sight


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The Crimson Trace CMR-207 Rail Master Pro offers a powerful 400 Lumen LED white light and aiming laser in a compact and durable unit. The CMR-207 features an aluminum body with ambidextrous activation points. User programmable modes of operation include: Laser + Light, Laser Only, Light Only. This Rail Master Pro features smart electronics that will power down the unit after 5 minutes. Laser sight is fully user adjustable for windange and elevation. Powered by a single CR123 Lithium battery.

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Long Distances



With its 400 Lumen LED white light, the CMR-207 Rail Master Pro delivers a powerful and focused beam that illuminates the target area. This high-intensity light output ensures clear visibility in low-light conditions, enabling users to identify threats or navigate dark environments effectively.

The integrated aiming laser of the CMR-207 provides precise target acquisition and aiming. Designed for accuracy, the laser is fully user adjustable for both windage and elevation, allowing shooters to zero in on their desired point of impact.

Constructed with a rugged aluminum body, the CMR-207 Rail Master Pro is built to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. Its compact form factor ensures it won’t interfere with the handling or balance of the firearm, while still providing powerful functionality.

Equipped with ambidextrous activation points, the CMR-207 offers convenient and intuitive operation for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. The strategically placed activation buttons enable users to easily toggle between modes or activate the light and laser simultaneously.

The CMR-207 Rail Master Pro features user-programmable modes of operation to suit individual preferences and specific shooting scenarios. Users can select from three different modes: Laser + Light, Laser Only, or Light Only, depending on their needs and desired functionality.

To conserve battery life, the CMR-207 incorporates smart electronics that automatically power down the unit after 5 minutes of inactivity. This feature ensures that the accessory remains ready for use while minimizing power consumption when not in use.

The CMR-207 is powered by a single CR123 Lithium battery, which provides reliable and consistent power. The use of a widely available battery type makes it convenient for users to replace the battery when needed.


Beam Intensity:
Dot Size:Adjustable
Power:significant sound reduction
Weight:1.50 oz


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