Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal with Tactical Light 5mW Green Laser Sight


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The Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal with Tactical Light is an aftermarket accessory that combines a tactical light and a green laser sight into a single unit.

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Long Distances



This accessory is designed to be attached to a firearm’s accessory rail, providing a compact and integrated lighting and aiming solution. The Rail Master Universal features a 5mW green laser sight, which emits a highly visible green laser beam for enhanced visibility and target acquisition. The laser’s 5mW power rating indicates its output power.

Moving on, the Rail Master Universal includes a tactical light. The light provides illumination in low-light conditions, allowing for improved visibility of the target and surroundings. The Rail Master Universal is typically activated using ambidextrous controls located on the unit. Activation methods may include a pressure switch or a push-button, allowing for quick and easy control of the laser sight and light.

Furthermore, the Rail Master Universal is designed to be a versatile and universal accessory, compatible with a wide range of firearms. It can be attached to firearms with a Picatinny or Weaver-style accessory rail.

To conclude, the accessory is powered by batteries, which are typically included with the product. The specific battery type and runtime may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.


Beam Intensity:532nM
Dot Size:.50″ @ 50 yds
Battery:CR2 Li-ion


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