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The Nomad-L features a monolithic core design, which means that the baffle stack is machined from a single piece of material. This design enhances the suppressor’s strength and durability while simplifying maintenance and cleaning.

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The Nomad-L is rated for full-auto or rapid-fire use, making it suitable for firearms with high rates of fire. This capability ensures that the suppressor can withstand the increased heat and pressure associated with sustained rapid shooting.

Secondly, The Nomad-L is built to withstand the heat generated by prolonged shooting sessions. It utilizes materials such as stainless steel and titanium that offer excellent heat resistance, allowing the suppressor to maintain its performance even during extended use.

Thirdly, The Nomad-L is compatible with Dead Air Silencers’ KeyMo mounting system, which provides a robust and secure attachment to compatible muzzle devices. Additionally, it can be used with Dead Air Silencers’ other mounting options, such as the Keymount or 1/2×28 direct thread mounts.

Moreover, Dead Air Silencers offers various accessories for the Nomad-L, including front caps and flash hiders, which can further modify the suppressor’s performance and compatibility with different firearm setups.

Furthermore, Dead Air Silencers provides a warranty for the Nomad-L, offering coverage for any potential manufacturing defects or issues. It’s recommended to review the specific warranty terms and conditions provided by Dead Air Silencers for detailed information.

To conclude, the Nomad-L requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimal performance.


Finish:Raw titanium satin bead-blasted
Usage:Bolt-action or semi-auto
Energy Rating:4400 ft lbs


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