Liberty Ammunition LACD10032 Civil Defense 10mm 60 GR Hollow Point 20 Bx – Nickel Plated Brass Casing


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Welcome to the forefront of self-defense ammunition with Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense 10mm 60 GR Hollow Point. Crafted for unparalleled stopping power and precision, these rounds are meticulously designed to meet the needs of those who prioritize personal protection. Featuring a lightweight 60-grain Hollow Point projectile, nickel-plated brass casing, and a convenient 20-round box, Liberty Ammunition ensures reliability, superior performance, and ease of use.

Optimal Stopping Power with Hollow Point Design:
The Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 10mm rounds are equipped with a 60-grain Hollow Point projectile, meticulously engineered to maximize stopping power in self-defense scenarios. The Hollow Point design facilitates controlled expansion upon impact, delivering devastating energy transfer to the target while minimizing the risk of over-penetration. This makes these rounds a formidable choice for those seeking effective personal protection ammunition.

Lightweight and Precise 60-Grain Projectile:
The 60-grain projectile strikes a balance between reduced recoil and effective stopping power. Liberty Ammunition’s commitment to precision engineering ensures that each round delivers exceptional accuracy, making them suitable for both close-quarters engagements and more extended defensive scenarios. The lightweight nature of the projectile allows for quick follow-up shots, providing a critical advantage in self-defense situations.

Nickel-Plated Brass Casing for Reliability:
Crafted with a nickel-plated brass casing, these rounds offer heightened durability and reliability. The nickel plating provides corrosion resistance, ensuring the ammunition maintains its integrity over time. Additionally, the smooth surface of the nickel-plated brass aids in reliable feeding and extraction, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of the Civil Defense 10mm rounds.

Convenient 20-Round Box:
The packaging of these rounds is designed with convenience in mind, providing 20 rounds per box. This quantity ensures you have a sufficient supply of reliable self-defense ammunition for both training and practical use. Whether you’re carrying for personal protection or practicing at the range, the 20-round box offers a balance between convenience and an ample supply of rounds.

Premium Self-Defense Ammunition:
Liberty Ammunition is renowned for its commitment to innovation and performance. The Civil Defense 10mm rounds exemplify this commitment, providing shooters with a premium self-defense ammunition option that combines cutting-edge design with reliable functionality. Choose Liberty Ammunition for peace of mind in critical situations.

In conclusion, Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense 10mm 60 GR Hollow Point offers a potent combination of stopping power, precision, and reliability. Whether you’re carrying for personal protection or seeking a superior self-defense ammunition option, these rounds deliver the performance you demand. Elevate your personal safety with Liberty Ammunition and experience the confidence that comes with top-tier self-defense ammunition.

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Bullet Weight60gr
CasingNickel Plated Brass
Bullet TypeHollow Point
Box Qty20


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