Migra Waterfowl 12 GA 3″ 1-1/4oz #2 & #3 shot 25rd box


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Embark on your waterfowl hunting adventures with confidence, armed with Migra Waterfowl 12 GA 3″ 1-1/4oz #2 & #3 shot ammunition. This 25-round box is expertly crafted to meet the demands of seasoned hunters, providing a blend of power, precision, and reliability.

Tailored for 12-gauge shotguns, the Migra Waterfowl ammunition in a 3-inch shell delivers versatility in the field. The 1-1/4oz payload strikes the perfect balance, ensuring impactful shots while maintaining accuracy, making it an ideal choice for waterfowl hunting.

The combination of #2 and #3 shot sizes caters to a range of waterfowl species, offering adaptability in various hunting scenarios. Whether you’re targeting ducks or geese, Migra Waterfowl ammo is engineered to provide effective shot patterns, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

Migra takes pride in the reliability and consistency of its ammunition, ensuring each round meets the high standards expected by hunters. With this 25-round box, you have an ample supply to tackle extended hunting trips without worrying about running out of ammunition.

Trust in Migra Waterfowl 12 GA 3″ 1-1/4oz #2 & #3 shot for an unparalleled waterfowl hunting experience. Elevate your shooting performance with ammunition designed for success in the field.

More About Migra Waterfowl 12 GA 3″:

Bullet/Load Type3″
Caliber/Gauge12 Gauge
Oz1 1/4
Bullet TypeSteel
Box Qty25


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