North American Arms Mini 1.625″ Holster Grip 22 Long Rifle Revolver – 1.625″ Barrel, 5 Rounds


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Introducing the North American Arms Mini Holster Grip .22 Long Rifle Revolver—a compact and versatile firearm designed for concealed carry and personal defense. With its 1.625-inch barrel, innovative holster-style grip, and 5-round capacity, this Mini Revolver from North American Arms offers a unique combination of functionality and ease of carry.

Key Features:

Compact and Holster-Ready Design:
The North American Arms Mini Holster Grip Revolver is meticulously designed for ultimate concealment. Its compact frame, featuring a 1.625-inch barrel, and the innovative holster-style grip make it an ideal choice for those who prioritize discreet carry.

Innovative Holster Grip:
The unique holster-style grip of this Mini Revolver contributes to its discreet and portable nature. The grip design allows for easy pocket carry and provides a secure hold while remaining unobtrusive, making it well-suited for those who prioritize covert carry options.

1.625-Inch Barrel:
Equipped with a 1.625-inch barrel, this revolver strikes a balance between compact dimensions and practical accuracy. The slightly extended barrel length provides enhanced control and precision without compromising the overall compactness of the firearm.

5-Round Capacity:
Despite its diminutive size, the Mini Holster Grip Revolver offers a 5-round capacity, providing ample firepower for personal protection or as a backup firearm. The reliable cylinder design ensures smooth rotation, enabling quick and efficient follow-up shots when needed.

Single Action Mechanism:
Operated in single action, the revolver features a precise and crisp trigger pull. This mechanism enhances accuracy and allows the shooter to maintain better control over each shot, making it well-suited for precise engagements.

Fixed Sights for Simplicity:
The revolver comes with fixed sights, maintaining a simple and unobtrusive profile. The absence of adjustable sights ensures a minimalist design, reducing the risk of snagging and making the firearm easy to carry discreetly.

Versatile .22 Long Rifle Caliber:
Chambered in .22 Long Rifle, this Mini Holster Grip Revolver offers manageable recoil and is cost-effective for practice. Despite its small size, the .22 LR caliber provides a good balance between ease of use and effectiveness at close distances.

Ideal for Concealed Carry:
Whether carried as a primary concealed firearm or as a discreet backup option, the North American Arms Mini Holster Grip .22 LR Revolver is a versatile and covert self-defense solution. The combination of compact design, holster grip, stainless steel construction, and reliable features makes it an excellent choice for those who prioritize discreet carry.

In conclusion, the North American Arms Mini Holster Grip .22 LR Revolver with a 1.625-inch barrel offers a unique blend of innovation and compact functionality. Crafted for concealed carry enthusiasts, this miniature revolver provides a reliable and discreet solution for personal protection.

More Info

Caliber22 Long Rifle
Barrel Length1.625


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