Piney Mountain Ammunition 40gr .22 LR Red Tracer 50 Rounds – Brass Casing


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Illuminate your shooting experience with Piney Mountain Ammunition’s .22 LR Red Tracer rounds. Designed for both entertainment and practical use, these 40-grain rounds with distinctive red tracers are sure to add excitement to your time at the range. With a brass casing and 50 rounds per box, Piney Mountain Ammunition ensures a quality product that combines reliability, visual appeal, and ease of use.

Vivid .22 LR Red Tracer Effect:
Piney Mountain Ammunition brings a visual spectacle to your shooting sessions with the .22 LR Red Tracer rounds. The distinctive red tracer effect not only adds an element of excitement to your shooting experience but also allows for improved visibility of the projectile’s trajectory, making it an engaging and entertaining choice for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Balanced 40-Grain Projectile:
The 40-grain projectile strikes a balance between manageable recoil and adequate stopping power. Whether you’re honing your marksmanship skills, plinking, or engaging in recreational shooting, these rounds provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience. The lightweight nature of the projectile ensures ease of use for shooters of all skill levels.

Reliable Brass Casing:
Crafted with a brass casing, Piney Mountain Ammunition’s .22 LR Red Tracer rounds offer durability and reliability. Brass casings are known for their resistance to corrosion and uniform expansion during firing, contributing to consistent performance and reliable extraction. The use of brass also facilitates reloading for those who enjoy the hands-on aspect of ammunition preparation.

Convenient 50-Round Box:
The packaging is designed with convenience in mind, providing 50 rounds per box. This quantity strikes a balance between having enough rounds for an engaging shooting session while remaining easy to manage and transport. Whether you’re heading to the range for a quick session or planning an extended shooting adventure, the 50-round box ensures you have an ample supply of these visually captivating rounds.

Versatile Shooting Experience:
Piney Mountain Ammunition’s .22 LR Red Tracer rounds add a versatile element to your shooting experience. Whether you’re using them for recreational shooting, training, or simply enjoying the visual appeal of tracer rounds, these rounds offer a unique and engaging option for .22 LR enthusiasts.

In summary, Piney Mountain Ammunition’s 40gr .22 LR Red Tracer rounds combine visual excitement with reliable performance. With a balanced 40-grain projectile, brass casing, and the convenience of a 50-round box, these rounds are perfect for those who want to add an extra element of fun to their shooting sessions. Elevate your range experience with Piney Mountain Ammunition and enjoy the captivating display of the .22 LR Red Tracer rounds.

More Info

Caliber/Gauge22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight40 gr
Bullet TypeLead Round Nose
Box Qty50


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