Remington Ammunition UMC 40 S&W 180 GR Metal Case (FMJ) 300 Bx/ 4 Cs – Brass Casing


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Unlock the potential of your .40 S&W caliber firearm with the Remington Ammunition UMC 40 S&W 180 GR Metal Case (FMJ) Mega Pack. Engineered for precision and reliability, this ammunition offers shooters a formidable combination of power, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Dive into the details of what makes this Mega Pack an excellent choice for both recreational shooting and self-defense.

Superior 180-Grain Metal Case (FMJ) Design:
The Remington UMC 40 S&W Mega Pack features a robust 180-grain Metal Case (FMJ) projectile designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance. The Full Metal Jacket construction not only minimizes barrel fouling but also provides a smooth and reliable feeding experience. This makes the ammunition an excellent choice for high-volume shooting sessions, ensuring your firearm operates flawlessly round after round.

Versatile .40 S&W Caliber:
The .40 S&W caliber has long been favored by shooters for its balanced blend of power and manageable recoil. With the 180-grain bullet weight, these rounds offer increased stopping power while maintaining a level of controllability that is essential for accuracy. Whether you’re engaged in target practice, training, or self-defense scenarios, the Remington UMC Mega Pack is a versatile choice that performs admirably in various situations.

Reliable Brass Casing:
Constructed with precision and durability in mind, the brass casing of the Remington UMC Mega Pack enhances the overall reliability of the ammunition. Brass is known for its resistance to corrosion and its ability to expand uniformly during firing, ensuring consistent performance and reliable extraction. The use of brass casings also facilitates reloading, adding an extra layer of value for those who prefer to reload their ammunition.

Cost-Efficient Mega Pack:
The Mega Pack concept ensures that you get the most bang for your buck. With 300 rounds in each box and four boxes in a case, you’ll have an abundant supply of ammunition for extended shooting sessions or for stocking up on your personal defense reserves. This cost-effective packaging allows you to focus on your shooting experience without constantly worrying about resupplying your ammunition.

Trusted Remington Quality:
Remington has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality firearms and ammunition. With the UMC 40 S&W Mega Pack, you can trust that each round has undergone rigorous quality control measures to meet Remington’s standards of excellence. This commitment to quality ensures that every shot is reliable, accurate, and delivers the performance you expect from a reputable ammunition manufacturer.

In summary, the Remington Ammunition UMC 40 S&W 180 GR Metal Case (FMJ) Mega Pack is a powerhouse of performance and value. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, this ammunition provides the reliability, accuracy, and versatility you need. Elevate your shooting experience with Remington, a brand synonymous with excellence in the world of firearms and ammunition.

More Info:

Caliber/Gauge40 S&W
Bullet TypeFull Metal Jacket
Box Qty300


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