Rock Island Armory M206 Nickel 38 Special Revolver – Blue/Black, 2″ Barrel, 6 Rounds, Wood Grips, 3-Dot Sights


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Introducing the Rock Island Armory M206 Nickel .38 Special Revolver—a stylish and reliable firearm designed for self-defense, concealed carry, or recreational shooting. With its distinctive nickel finish, 2-inch barrel, and classic wood grips, the M206 Nickel combines modern features with a touch of vintage elegance. Featuring a 6-round capacity, 3-dot sights, and a durable construction, this revolver delivers both functionality and visual appeal.

Key Features:

Eye-Catching Nickel Finish:
The M206 Nickel stands out with its eye-catching nickel finish, adding a layer of sophistication and corrosion resistance. The polished nickel provides a modern and distinctive appearance, making this revolver an attractive choice for discerning firearm enthusiasts.

Compact and Concealable Design:
Designed with concealability in mind, the M206 Nickel features a compact 2-inch barrel, making it well-suited for discreet carry. The compact profile ensures ease of concealment without compromising on performance.

Classic Wood Grips:
Equipped with classic wood grips, the M206 Nickel provides a comfortable and ergonomic hold. The wooden texture not only enhances the shooter’s grip but also contributes to the firearm’s timeless aesthetic.

6-Round Capacity:
With a 6-round capacity, the M206 Nickel offers ample firepower for self-defense or recreational shooting. The reliable cylinder design ensures smooth and consistent rotation, allowing for quick follow-up shots if needed.

3-Dot Sights for Precision:
The revolver features 3-dot sights to enhance sight acquisition and accuracy. The contrasting dots on the front and rear sights provide a clear reference point, facilitating precise aiming in various lighting conditions.

Durable Construction:
Built with durability in mind, the M206 Nickel combines modern materials with classic design elements. The robust construction ensures longevity and reliable performance, making it a dependable companion for various shooting scenarios.

Versatile .38 Special Caliber:
Chambered in .38 Special, the M206 Nickel balances manageable recoil with effective stopping power. The .38 Special caliber is known for its versatility and suitability for self-defense applications.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal:
The M206 Nickel captures a timeless aesthetic appeal, blending classic design elements with a modern nickel finish. This revolver is not only a functional firearm but also a visual statement that pays homage to the elegance of traditional revolvers.

Ideal for Self-Defense and Concealed Carry:
Whether you’re seeking a reliable self-defense option or a concealed carry firearm, the Rock Island Armory M206 Nickel .38 Special Revolver offers a stylish and practical solution. Its combination of visual appeal and functional features makes it well-suited for those who appreciate both form and function.

In conclusion, the Rock Island Armory M206 Nickel .38 Special Revolver is a harmonious blend of classic style and modern performance. With its nickel finish, wood grips, and reliable features, this revolver offers a balance of aesthetics and functionality for those who appreciate a touch of elegance in their firearms.

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