Rock Island Armory M206 Spurless 38 Special Revolver – Blue/Black, 2″ Barrel, 6 Rounds, Wood Grips, 3-Dot Sights


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Introducing the Rock Island Armory M206 Spurless .38 Special Revolver—a compact and reliable firearm designed for self-defense, concealed carry, or recreational shooting. With its sleek blue/black finish, 2-inch barrel, and distinctive wood grips, the M206 Spurless offers a classic and functional design. Boasting a 6-round capacity, 3-dot sights, and a spurless hammer, this revolver combines practical features with a timeless aesthetic.

Key Features:

Compact and Concealable:
The M206 Spurless is designed with concealability in mind, featuring a compact 2-inch barrel that makes it ideal for discreet carry. Whether for personal protection or as a backup firearm, the compact size ensures ease of concealment.

Classic Blue/Black Finish:
The revolver boasts a classic blue/black finish, combining durability with an elegant aesthetic. The finish not only enhances the firearm’s resistance to wear and corrosion but also adds a timeless appeal to its overall design.

Wood Grips for Comfort:
Featuring wood grips, the M206 Spurless provides a comfortable and secure hold. The wooden texture adds a touch of traditional craftsmanship, contributing to both the firearm’s visual appeal and the shooter’s comfort during use.

Spurless Hammer Design:
The M206 Spurless is equipped with a spurless hammer, enhancing its suitability for concealed carry. The absence of a hammer spur reduces the risk of snagging on clothing, making it easier to draw the revolver quickly and smoothly when needed.

6-Round Capacity:
With a 6-round capacity, the M206 Spurless offers sufficient firepower for self-defense or recreational shooting. The reliable cylinder design ensures smooth and consistent rotation, allowing for quick follow-up shots if necessary.

3-Dot Sights for Precision:
The revolver is equipped with 3-dot sights, enhancing sight acquisition and accuracy. The contrasting dots on the front and rear sights provide a clear reference point, allowing for precise aiming in various lighting conditions.

Versatile .38 Special Caliber:
Chambered in .38 Special, the M206 Spurless strikes a balance between manageable recoil and effective stopping power. The .38 Special caliber is well-regarded for its versatility and suitability for self-defense applications.

Timeless Design:
The M206 Spurless exhibits a timeless design that pays homage to classic revolver aesthetics. The combination of wood grips, a blue/black finish, and a streamlined profile adds a touch of sophistication to this reliable firearm.

Ideal for Self-Defense and Concealed Carry:
Whether you’re seeking a reliable self-defense option or a concealed carry firearm, the Rock Island Armory M206 Spurless .38 Special Revolver delivers a compact and classic solution. Its practical features make it suitable for various scenarios where reliability and ease of carry are paramount.

In conclusion, the Rock Island Armory M206 Spurless .38 Special Revolver is a blend of classic design and modern functionality. With its compact size, spurless hammer, and 6-round capacity, this revolver offers a reliable and aesthetically pleasing option for those in need of a concealed carry or self-defense firearm.

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