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The Ruger Super Wrangler is designed as an affordable and reliable revolver, suitable for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting. Its .22 LR chambering offers economical ammunition options and low recoil, making it popular among beginners and those seeking a fun and enjoyable shooting experience.

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The Ruger Super Wrangler is a single-action revolver renowned for its affordability, reliability, and classic Western design. With a steel frame and an aluminum alloy cylinder, it balances durability and weight reduction. The revolver features a 4.62-inch barrel and is chambered in .22 LR, offering versatility and economical shooting. Its single-action operation requires manually cocking the hammer for each shot, resulting in a light and crisp trigger pull. The Super Wrangler incorporates fixed front and integral rear sights for quick and accurate target acquisition. It comes with synthetic grips that provide a comfortable and secure hold. Safety features include a transfer bar mechanism that prevents accidental discharges. The revolver is available in various attractive finishes, catering to individual preferences. With its affordability and reliable performance, the Ruger Super Wrangler appeals to plinkers, target shooters, and those seeking an entry-level or budget-friendly revolver option.

The Super Wrangler is designed with a focus on ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience. The grip is contoured and textured to provide a secure hold, reducing the likelihood of slippage during firing.

While the Super Wrangler comes with fixed front and integral rear sights as standard, it also offers the option of interchangeable sights. This allows shooters to customize their sight picture to their preference or specific shooting needs.

The revolver is designed for easy disassembly and maintenance. This makes it convenient for cleaning, lubrication, and general upkeep, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

To conclude, the Super Wrangler has gained popularity among firearms enthusiasts, leading to a wide range of aftermarket accessories being available. These include grips, sights, holsters, and more, allowing owners to personalize their revolver to suit their individual style and needs.


Caliber:22 Long Rifle / 22 Magnum / 22 WMR
Barrel Length:3.75


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