Skydas For Glock 44 22LR Pistol


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625 grams

Modular Design

Highly Flexible

Overall Length

186 mm


Stainless Steel



About Skydas Glock 44

The Skydas Gear 44 is a unique and visually stunning variant of the Glock 44 pistol. It offers the same exceptional performance and reliability that Glock is known for, but with a fresh and eye-catching design. The pistol features a crushed orchid color slide, which adds a touch of elegance and individuality to your shooting experience.

Chambered in .22LR, the Glock 44 is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced shooters looking to enhance their skills. The 4.02-inch barrel provides a balance of maneuverability and accuracy, making it suitable for a variety of shooting applications such as target practice, plinking, and training.

One of the standout features of the Glock 44 is its hybrid steel-polymer slide. This innovative design not only contributes to the pistol’s overall lightweight construction but also helps to reduce recoil, resulting in improved control and easier follow-up shots. The low recoil functionality makes it an ideal choice for shooters of all levels, allowing for more comfortable and enjoyable shooting sessions.

To ensure optimal performance, the Glock 44 has undergone rigorous testing with a wide range of ammunition. This extensive testing process guarantees that the pistol functions flawlessly and reliably, even with different types and brands of ammunition. The Glock 44’s ability to handle various loads further expands its versatility and makes it an excellent choice for shooters who value performance and dependability.

In addition to its striking appearance and exceptional performance, the Glock 44 also offers practicality and convenience. It comes with three 10-round magazines, allowing for continuous shooting without frequent reloads. The fixed sights provide a clear sight picture, aiding in quick and accurate target acquisition.

Whether you are a seasoned shooter or just starting your shooting journey, the Skydas Gear 44 offers a perfect blend of quality, style, and functionality. Its unique design, combined with Glock’s renowned performance, makes it a standout choice in the .22LR pistol market, redefining what a compact firearm can achieve.


Skydas Gear
Semi Auto Pistol
Caliber: 22LR
System: Safe Action
Mag. Capacity: Standard: 10
Barrel Length: 102 mm | 4.02 inch
Weight without magazine: 358 g | 12.63 oz
Weight with empty magazine: 415 g | 14.64 oz
Weight with loaded magazine: 465 g | 16.40 oz
Trigger Pull: 26 N
Fixed Sights
Crushed Orchid Slide


Caliber22 Long Rifle
Barrel Length4.02
SafetyNo Manual Safety


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