Skydas Glock 44 22LR Pistol Sedona


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625 grams

Modular Design

Highly Flexible

Overall Length

186 mm


Stainless Steel

Pistol Sedona



About Pistol Sedona:

The Skydas Gear 44 Pistol Sedona is a variant or custom model of the Glock 44 pistol that offers a unique design and color scheme. It retains the reliable performance and functionality of the original Glock 44 while introducing aesthetic enhancements. The sedona-colored frame adds a touch of visual appeal to the firearm.

The Pistol Sedona features a 4.02-inch barrel, which provides a balance between compactness and accuracy. It is chambered in .22LR, a popular and widely available caliber known for its low recoil and affordability. The combination of the hybrid steel-polymer slide contributes to the pistol’s lightweight nature, making it easy to handle and control during shooting sessions.

The fixed sights on the Skydas Gear 44 offer a consistent and reliable aiming reference for target acquisition. Additionally, the package includes three 10-round magazines, providing ample ammunition capacity for extended shooting sessions without frequent reloads.

The Glock 44 series is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced shooters looking to enhance their shooting skills. The pistol’s innovative design and use of the .22 caliber round deliver a reduced recoil experience, making it an excellent choice for individuals who are new to shooting or those seeking a more comfortable shooting experience.

Extensive testing has been conducted on the Glock 44 Pistol Sedona, ensuring its compatibility with a wide range of ammunition types. This comprehensive testing process guarantees reliable performance and redefines the capabilities of a small-caliber pistol. Whether for plinking, target practice, or honing shooting skills, the Glock 44 is engineered to deliver optimal performance and an enjoyable shooting experience.


Skydas Gear
Semi Auto Pistol
Caliber: 22LR
System: Safe Action
Mag. Capacity: Standard: 10
Barrel Length: 102 mm | 4.02 inch
Weight without magazine: 358 g | 12.63 oz
Weight with empty magazine: 415 g | 14.64 oz
Weight with loaded magazine: 465 g | 16.40 oz
Trigger Pull: 26 N
Fixed Sights
Sedona Frame


Caliber22 Long Rifle
Barrel Length4.02
SafetyNo Manual Safety
Length of PullN/A


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